How to lay the floor laying process details

Wood floors are widely used in home furnishings. Many homeowners will lay floors on the floor and dress the bedrooms more warmly and comfortably. In general, the floor laying is completed by the business sales personnel, but the floor laying is not so difficult, we can learn to learn the method of floor covering. So how to shop wood flooring? The following article will share these issues with you and look forward to helping those who need them.

How to lay a wooden floor

In order to ensure the effect of the laying, everyone needs to make preparations in advance. First of all, we should clean up the construction site, remove all irrelevant items, and clean up the garbage on the ground, including every corner. Then level the ground. The horizontal error must not exceed 2mm. If you exceed it, you must find a way to level it. If the ground is uneven, the floor feels bad after the floor is laid. Then, we must trim the edges and corners of the ground or uneven parts of the ground.

How to paved the second floor

After the wooden floor is exposed to water, it is easy to arch and deform. To avoid this situation, we need to deal with the ground moisture-proof treatment. The common treatment is to lay a damp layer on the ground, which will prevent the floor from getting damp later. The damp-proof layer should be laid flat and joints should be close together.

How to spread the wood floor three

When you are ready to work, you can then start laying the floor. In order to make the floorboards look more beautiful, it is best to lay them down beforehand. Divide some of the floorboards into two parts. The size should be used to saw them. If there are many saws, the floorboards will be worn out. Before sawing the floor, the floor can be fully opened and the problematic or sloppy floorboards can be singled out. This can effectively use the partially faulty floor without causing excessive loss. Don't take the floor and saw it, it will increase the loss. The location of sawing the floor must be selected in the place where the tiles and other tiles are well-organized. Otherwise, the splattered wood dust will enter everywhere without any holes and it will be difficult to clean.

How to lay four wood flooring

We all know that the wooden floor has the natural property of thermal expansion and contraction. To prevent the floor from squeezing and deforming, everyone needs to set an expansion joint at the place where the floor and the wall are in contact before laying the floor to prevent the floor from kicking. The size of the expansion joint is generally related to the coefficient of expansion of the floor.

How to lay five wooden floor

After everything is ready, everyone can lay the floor. The common method is to lay a long board next to a short board. The reason why this kind of shop is to make the floor laying is not easy to loosen, and the floor should be tightened with a tool. Then down is the convergence, generally covered with floor beading. But it's also filled with glass glue to see what you like. After the floor has been laid out, check it again. There are imperfect places to trim it. Then enter the last process. It is the installation of the baseboard. The joint to be done is tight and flush. And to ensure that you can suppress the floor wall joints. The floor is paved next is the installation of a layering, the general floor is higher than the ground to use that kind of high and low pressure, the floor is the same as the ground level to use this flat layering.

The above is about the wood floor how to shop and the floor laying process in detail the relevant sharing, to everyone to be a reference! If you have more related issues, welcome to continue to pay attention to this site, and later will show more exciting content for everyone.

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