Antique wood flooring to meet the moisture content of standards can extend its useful life

I believe we all have heard of antique wood floors , but not many people know about it. So, what is an antique solid wood floor ? Everyone should be able to think of this kind of floor being processed into classical style solid wood floors through some art forms, with rough, thick and unique artistic features. In the market, the advantages of solid wood flooring have always been "three points by product, seven points by installation" argument, then, how to carry out the installation of antique solid wood flooring, can maximize its realization of the best. Today we come to give you a detailed introduction about what is an antique solid wood floor and antique solid wood flooring. How to choose, and friends who want to understand will take a look at this article!

The advantages and disadvantages of antique solid wood flooring

The advantages of antique solid wood flooring:

1, wear than solid wood flooring, conventional wear-resistant rotation of 4000--10000 rpm or more.

2, good protection, than solid wood flooring, impact resistance, flame retardant, anti-corrosion, durable.

3, good stability, will not produce thermal expansion and contraction, structural instability.

4, diverse and economical, rich colors, uniform decoration style, fully personalized, the price is lower than solid wood flooring, is economical.

5, easy installation, cost savings. Easy to install, suspended paving. 40--80m2 room installed laminate flooring. Just 6-9 hours, care and maintenance time is half of solid wood flooring.

6. Good flatness, comfortable foot feel, and elasticity. The gap and flatness of the assembly are unmatched by other floors.

7. Low-carbon and environmental protection, and the use of artificial fast-growing forests for raw materials to ensure human health and strengthen formaldehyde emission will not cause harm to the human body.

8, easy to use, no waxing, no need to repeatedly wipe the ground, even if the tea, the goods landed, lightly rubbed, both engraved as bright as new.

Disadvantages of antique solid wood flooring:

As a laminate flooring, no matter in terms of wear-resistance or environmental protection, the implementation of the standards for laminate flooring is not as good as the wood flooring.

Antique wood flooring how to pick

Try: Take a dollar coin and scrape it on the floor. If it is of good quality, the surface is almost non-destructive. The poor quality of the floor, the surface will be hollowed.

Look: The antique solid wood floor with a concave and convex sense, such as a good process, and its high level of processing. Look at the surface of the wood species, the thickness of the surface layer can distinguish between good and bad.

Ratio: Consumers can compare the glossiness and feel with several samples, plus a scratch test to see if the product is good or bad. Water content detection: The general moisture content is between 8% and 13%.

Style selection: According to the color points, there are deep, light colors, according to the process points, there are three-dimensional and drawing antique series. To a large extent limited the direction of home improvement style.

Editor's summary: The above is the introduction of antique solid wood flooring to meet the requirements of water content can extend its useful life, hope to help meet the needs of friends! For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website, Follow-up will show more often!

Antique solid wood flooring


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