Air conditioning dripping what causes how to make air conditioning not dripping

Whenever household appliances are used for a long time, various malfunctions will occur, as will air conditioners. When we use air conditioners, there are often odors in the air blowing out of the air conditioners, or problems in the cooling of the air conditioners and the dripping of the air conditioner indoor units. Now we have to look at what is the cause of drip in household air conditioners .


Air-conditioning indoor unit leaks

1, the indoor unit is offset

Cause: The indoor unit is not fixed enough to cause displacement. The indoor unit's fixed hanging plate is not fixed and fixed. It takes a long time to shift. As a result, the drainage pipe leads to a high side position, causing drainage difficulties. The horizontal position of the indoor unit body is improperly installed. The tilting of the horizontal position of the indoor unit and the high position of the pipeline outlet cause the dew condensation water to be blocked.

Solution: Move the air conditioner, recalibrate the air conditioning position with an ordinary liquid level meter, trim or try to lower the end of the condensate drain of the air conditioner.

2, dew condensation on the pipe

Reason: Due to the poor or too thin insulation material on the pipe, or not completely wrapped, condensation will be caused when the refrigerant in the pipe passes through.

Solution: This is our common indoor pipe dripping phenomenon. When this happens, Barry Furniture tells you to open the tape and check whether the insulation material is aging or properly installed. If the gap or thinness is found, it can be re-wrapped. At the same time, the aged tape can be replaced to maintain the tightness of the copper tube.

3, poor drainage or blocked drainage pipe

Cause: Due to the loose or bent wave shape of the drain pipe, poor drainage can easily cause water dripping. Secondly, the drain pipe leading out of the room is blocked artificially or the drain outlet is blocked by dirt, causing condensation water to be discharged. Or the drain outlet is blocked by dirt, causing dew condensation water to escape.

Solution: If the drain pipe is aging or loose, replace the drain pipe. If it is blocked by dirt, it can be cleaned.

4, heat exchanger dripping

Cause: Excessive fouling of the heat exchanger can cause poor air conditioning and drainage. At this time, a large amount of water can collect on the blades of the indoor unit and drip. Or, the temperature of the heat exchanger caused by the lack of air-conditioning refrigerant is uneven, and dripping phenomenon may also occur.

Solution: Clean the heat exchanger, you can use a commercially available cleaning agent to wash, brush gently with a wool brush, you can also use high-power hair dryer to open the cold wind to blow dust. Of course, if it is a problem with refrigerants (which can be measured by pressure gauges), professionals can only add refrigerants.


Air-conditioning outdoor unit drip

Reason: When the compressor is working, it will produce cold work. When the refrigerant is compressed to generate cold work, it will discharge the cold work outward. Therefore, the surface temperature of the pipeline and the condenser conveying the cold refrigerant is extremely low. The atmosphere is rich in saturated water vapor, and these waters have the characteristic of cooling, and they will liquefy into water, so the “drip” phenomenon of the external machine appears.

Solution: External drip is a normal phenomenon. You can solve this problem by connecting the drain pipe to the sewer pipe. You can also use the container to collect the water and use it for watering and mopping the floor.

If your home has air-conditioning dripping phenomenon, please do not worry, you can refer to the above description to deal with their own solution. If it still cannot be solved or the problem is more serious, it is recommended that you immediately stop using the air conditioner and contact the onsite repair service as soon as possible so as not to affect your normal life.

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