Anti-theft door lock is not open how to do how much money a security door lock

Anti-theft locks are generally installed on the entrance door, but there are some locks. We know that there will be some problems when it takes a long time, such as the phenomenon that it is difficult to open, or what is blocked inside. At this time, you have to Find the cause before you can handle it. The following Xiao Bian will tell you about how to do the anti-theft door lock and how much the anti-theft door lock.

What to do if the anti-theft door lock is not open?

1, how to do anti-theft door locks do not open, for example, you are the key to enter and leave the keyhole is not smooth, or is very difficult, then you can consider buying a lighter at this time, buy a box of small packaging of kerosene, this You can see that there is a pointed nipple above the box. When you squeeze the tip of your mouth against the lock hole, kerosene goes in through the keyhole. After a few minutes, you can use the key to unlock it. It will open very smoothly.

2, we know that the use of kerosene volatile, and you do not have to worry about the future keyhole greasy, a long time will once again affect the performance of the lock, if not long, the kerosene in the lock hole will be volatile and clean The door lock has also recovered as new.

3, but here you have to say is that if you often do this there will be a lot of dust mixed with the oil, this is also very unfavorable to your door lock. The personally feel that the best way is to scrape the pencil into lead powder. This will also help to lubricate the lock cylinder. At the same time, it will work well and will not damage the lock.

How much is a burglarproof door lock?

1, A level

We know that with the lock cylinder must be accompanied by a key, than to say that you choose this type A lock cylinder key shape is flat or crescent-shaped. A-level lock cylinder is relatively a common kind of lock core, and this level of lock cylinder, A-level level of anti-theft coefficient is also relatively poor, is not conducive to theft. The price will be cheaper, about 100 or so.

2, class B

Then talk about the B-level lock cylinder. This will be a bit higher than the A-level anti-theft factor, and the reliability will be better. If you want to destroy it, the time may be up to 15 minutes. The time to be desecrated is also 15 minutes. The price will be more expensive, that is, about 200,300 or so.

3, super B class

The so-called super-B class, that is, will be more reliable than the B-class level, but the other aspects are similar to that of the B-class, but there is a certain degree of improvement in the theft-proof time, and the time it takes to put the technology on is 260 minutes. The price is also The price is very much higher, for example, it is better to be more than 600 yuan, which is almost more than two hundred or so.

Summing up: How to deal with anti-theft door locks and how much the anti-theft door lock is related to a relevant content is introduced to this, if your home also appears anti-theft door locks do not open, then you can also take these methods to deal with, However, I personally recommend that you choose a better lock and it will be better.

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