Office space decoration office space decoration design elements

The office is a place that many people now use, because now companies or companies will have offices, then what should be paid attention to in office space renovation ? This is a question that everyone will be more concerned about. In order not to let everyone have this doubt, the next revision of the home network will introduce you to what to pay attention to the office space decoration.


First of all, when it comes to modern office design, the simple style is definitely at the forefront of fashion. It is characterized by asymmetrical lines, such as flower buds, vines and various body patterns in nature, mainly in the design of walls and furniture. If you use iron components and apply wrought iron products indoors, you will create new ideas for office interior design. This kind of decoration is better, it is a more popular decoration style.

Second, the European style of decoration. European style decoration style is relatively high-end, so the style is relatively large enterprises will choose this style of decoration, this style of decoration is the sublimation of traditional decoration style. This is relatively high-end. European style decoration is mostly based on wood, so it will be better to open it. Of course, the desk will look finer, and the carvings such as patterns can see such an atmosphere. Of course, the decoration price is also relatively expensive, so everyone should pay attention when choosing.

Third, there is a Chinese style Chinese office design with a retro style, a well-designed Chinese office space can make the overall layout of the space. The office was originally a place to work, and the color chosen was very clean and very stable. Then everyone chooses Chinese style is a very good choice.

Office decoration design elements

1, space design

When designing an office, the design of the space must be noted , including the position of the pillars. It is necessary to consider whether the auxiliary space formed by the restrooms such as the restroom and the elevator can meet the use requirements. In addition, the selection of equipment such as air conditioners and motors has a direct impact on the design of the core cylinder and the practical rate of the interior space.

2, team space

The office can be designed into multiple team areas, and the public space that distinguishes other teams can be arranged for meetings, archives, etc., and personal space is arranged according to the communication and work needs of members, and the public space is carefully designed.

3. Public space

Some office environments and public parts are relatively small, and a good office environment design must have a space transition. There must be no corridors, there must be an environment, and there must be a process of transitioning public space into private space.


Office decoration design considerations

1, pay attention to the sense of pleasure

The office design should give people a sense of sensation, and the lighting should be reasonable and have sufficient light. Because the bright colors give a pleasant mood and a sense of cleanliness. But at present, many designers will introduce high-light green into the office. This kind of design often gives people a good visual effect, thus creating a kind of spring, which is a creative means of indoors.

2, pay attention to the sense of order

The office is designed to create a quiet, peaceful and clean environment. The sense of order is an essential element of office design. In order to achieve the purpose of order, the aspects involved will be relatively wide, such as the unity of style and color; the regularity of plane layout; the separation of high and low dimensions and color materials; reasonable Indoor color tone and orientation of people flow. This is closely related to order, and it can be said that order plays the most crucial role in office design.

3, pay attention to modern sense

Office design should pay attention to the study of office environment, and can introduce the natural environment into the indoor, green indoor and outdoor environment, and bring a vitality to the office environment. In the office design, the use of ergonomic knowledge and design according to specific functions and size requirements are the basic elements of design.

What are the decoration styles of office space? The above points are summarized by Xiaobian. I believe that you will have a certain understanding after reading, so that when you choose, you will have a variety of choices. Of course, if everyone There are also better ways to come and share it with everyone. If you want to know more, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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