Why is the Y2 asynchronous motor slowly replaced by a high-efficiency permanent magnet motor?

The efficiency of the motor is the ratio of the shaft output power of the motor to the power drawn by the motor from the grid. The power factor is the ratio of the active power to the apparent power of the motor. A low power factor results in a large reactive current and a large voltage drop across the line, resulting in a low voltage. Why is the Y2 asynchronous motor slowly replaced by a high-efficiency permanent magnet motor? Dalan Motors tells you to refer to the following points for energy-saving analysis of high-efficiency permanent magnet motors: 1. Energy-saving effect comparison 1 The three-stage energy-efficient YX3 motor has higher efficiency and power factor than ordinary Y2 asynchronous motor. 2 The permanent magnet synchronous motor has higher efficiency and power factor than the three-stage energy-efficient YX3 motor, so the energy saving effect is better. 2, apparent power comparison 1Y2 motor P = 1.732UI = 29KW; 2 permanent magnet motor P = 1.732UI = 24.3KW; 3 power consumption difference of 19%. 3. Partial load energy consumption analysis 1Y2 motor has a serious decline in efficiency below 80% load, and power factor declines seriously; 2 permanent magnet motor maintains high efficiency and power factor between 20% and 120% load, at partial load Permanent magnet motors have greater energy saving advantages than Y2 motors, and even save more than 50%. 4, consumption of labor analysis 1Y2 motor's useless current is generally about 0.5 ~ 0.7 times the rated current; 2 permanent magnet motor's power factor is close to 1, no excitation current, so reactive current permanent magnet motor and Y2 motor difference of about 50%. 5, input motor voltage analysis 1 often detected that if the permanent magnet motor replaces the Y2 motor, the voltage will rise generally 380V--390V. Because the power factor of the Y2 motor is low, the reactive current is large, which causes the voltage drop of the line resistance to be large, causing the voltage to be low. 2 The total current of the permanent magnet motor with high power factor consumption is low, and the line voltage drop is reduced, which causes a voltage rise. 6. Motor slip analysis 1 Asynchronous motor generally has a slip of 1% to 6%; 2 permanent magnet motor runs synchronously with a slip of 0, so the permanent magnet motor works 1% to 6% more than the Y2 motor under the same conditions. . 7. Motor self-loss analysis 1 Take 22 kW motor as an example: Y2 motor efficiency is 90%, self-loss is 10%, the motor continuously loses more than 20,000 kW per year for continuous uninterrupted operation; 2 permanent magnet motor efficiency is 95%, self-loss 5%, the motor continuously loses about 10 million kilowatts per year for continuous uninterrupted operation, and the Y2 motor self-loss is twice that of permanent magnet motor. 8. Analysis of energy conservation law 1 Power factor is the ratio of useful work to apparent power. Y2 motor has low power factor, poor absorption power utilization and high energy consumption. 2 Permanent magnet motor has high power factor, good absorption and utilization, and energy consumption. low. 9, the national energy efficiency label analysis 1 permanent magnet motor secondary energy efficiency; 2 the most energy-saving motor YX3 motor three-level energy efficiency; 3 ordinary Y2 motor is a eliminated motor, energy-consuming motor. ----- Responsible Editor: Dalan Oil Pump Motor 02- Purchasing Consultant Copyright http:/(Dalan Motor) Reprint, please indicate the source http://news.chinawj.com.cn

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