How much is the price of curtains?

With the progress of the times, curtains have become an indispensable decoration for every household. The main reason is that curtains can not only increase the overall aesthetics, but also play a role in shading. So, how much is the curtain price generally? What is the reasonable price of the curtain ? What color is the best for curtains in the master bedroom?

How much is the curtain price?

1, curtain prices are generally how much money of chemical fiber curtains

As we all know, the curtains of chemical fiber fabrics are pure-spun, blended, or interwoven fabrics that are processed using chemical fibers. Under normal circumstances, such fabrics are relatively smooth, and will not shrink, but also easy to take care of. However, the curtain material of this material is not purely natural, so the price is relatively cheap. According to the survey, the curtain of this material is generally about 15-30 yuan per meter. (for reference only)

2, how much is the price of curtains, cotton curtains?

The curtains on cotton fabrics are very good and they are also the most environmentally friendly and healthy materials. Its characteristics are: affinity, moisturizing, heat-resistant, alkali-resistant, moisture absorption, etc., and the weak point is that there will be a bad drape, while there is a certain degree of lock water. Therefore, the curtain of this material generally pursues a casual, pastoral home life. The current price of cotton curtains on the market is generally 25-45 yuan per meter. (for reference only)

3, how much is the price of the curtains of silk curtains?

In the fabric of the curtains, the curtains made of silk are considered to be good. Because it has a good gloss, light, soft touch, rich colors and other characteristics. In addition, such curtains can also highlight a rich atmosphere, very beautiful, so it is very popular. According to the survey, the price of curtains made of silk material is about 120-400 yuan per meter. (for reference only)

Curtain price how much price comparison table

Second, what color is good for the master bedroom curtain?

How much is the curtain price generally? I believe everyone knows it well! However, many people do not know what color the master bedroom curtain is good for everyone? Please look at the following analysis:

1, because everyone's bedroom decoration style is different, so the choice of curtain color there is a big difference. In general, the color of the curtains is determined by the lighting of the bedroom.

2, such as the dark bedroom, it is suitable for neutral cool shade curtains; and better lighting bedroom, suitable for hanging millet red or yellow curtains, its main purpose is to adjust the light into a soft astigmatism. In addition, feng shui can also determine the color of curtains. If the colors of the curtains are chosen correctly, it will help you to sleep.

Conclusion of the article: The article above introduced how much the price of curtains is generally. What is the reasonable price of curtains ? As well as the master bedroom curtains, I would like to be able to give you some help. In fact, the material of the curtain will not only affect the overall appearance, but also affect our health. Therefore, the owners must keep improving the choice of curtain material!

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