Parking System Overview

Parking lot refers to the site for parked vehicles. Parking lot can be divided into four types: warm garage, cold room garage, carport and open parking. The main task of the parking lot is to store parking vehicles.
Parking system refers to the installation of automatic identification devices at entrances and exits of parking areas based on modern electronics and information technology. Judgment, recognition, entry/rejection, guidance, and recording of vehicles entering and leaving this area are performed through contactless card or license plate recognition. Intelligent management such as fees, charges, and clearances is aimed at effectively controlling the access of vehicles and personnel, recording all detailed information and automatically calculating the amount of charges, and realizing the safety management of on-site vehicles and charges.
The parking system integrates inductive smart card technology, computer network, video surveillance, image recognition and processing, and automatic control technology to automate the management of vehicles in the parking lot, including vehicle identification, access control, automatic license plate recognition, and parking space retrieval. , Car parking guidance, car reminder, image display, model proofreading, time calculation, charge collection and verification, voice intercom, automatic access (receipt) card series and other scientific and effective operations. These functions can be flexibly reduced or increased according to user needs and actual site conditions to form luxury, standard, and cost-saving parking management systems and vehicle control systems of different scales and levels.
The parking lot uses a proximity card parking lot management system , and each entrance and exit of the parking lot is provided with a set of entrance and exit management equipment, so that the parking lot forms a relatively closed place. Only entering and exiting the vehicle, the proximity card will be lightly swayed in front of the card reading box. Can instantaneously complete the inspection, recording, accounting, fees and other work, automatic opening and closing barriers, enabling convenient and efficient parking management.
The owner of the approaching car owner and the parking lot all hold a personal identification card. As an individual's identification, only the card verified by the system can be operated (management card) or in and out (parking card). The security and confidentiality of the system effectively prevent theft of vehicles and eliminate the worries of owners.
Software management imposes a hierarchical power restriction. For export operators, they can enter charge management after logging in. During this period, all charges for the export are automatically recorded in the name of the watchman and stored in the computer database. Because the watchman is restricted by the authority and can not enter the higher software menu item in the system, the data recorded by the computer cannot interfere; the upper manager can inquire, check or print a duty section or any period of time or even the entire parking lot at any time. Work record. This fundamentally eliminates the loss of parking fees and financial statistics errors. At the same time, the system automatically operates and eliminates the economic losses caused by human and bully vehicles.
The parking card can be issued separately according to the needs of the monthly rental card (monthly ticket card), stored value card,
Parking system diagram
Special types of card (free card) and time charter (temporary card) Four types of cards: monthly and special cards are limited by time; stored-value cards are limited by balance; temporary cards are readily available on request; simple and convenient; Monthly prepaid cards and stored-value cards implement pre-paid fees, making the management of the parking lot concise and proactive.
The system supports different charging methods for the three types of vehicles to meet the requirements for separate types of charging by car type.
Computer automatic timing, billing, special card, monthly card automatic identification, temporary card manually receive cash, fast and efficient service, computer display and charging display at the same time shows the parking time and charges, card balance or expiration date, fees transparency High, the ballot box display also prompts the residents to use the parking lot, and pays tribute to the civilized language, so that the residents feel comfortable, they can attract more users and improve the use efficiency.
The system's electric-shielded lane brakes are equipped with anti-lift bar and anti-smashing car functions. The system's detection device adopts advanced digital-to-analog conversion technology. It has strong anti-interference ability and adapts to various harsh environments. It has the uniqueness of improving sensitivity and reliability at the same time. The system can query the parking spaces at any time. The full stop of the yard will automatically turn on the full-position red light and automatically stop the entry into the car.
The system can also install a high-resolution color fixed camera, fixed bracket, and auto-iris manual focus lens at the entrance and exit of the parking lot. It can monitor vehicle entry and exit conditions 24 hours and see the license plate number. When a vehicle enters the parking lot, the camera transmits the signal to the parking lot management system through the video cable and stores it in the database. When a vehicle leaves the parking lot, the vehicle should not only pay the necessary management fees, but also drive away from the vehicle. The data (license plate, model, color, etc.) must be the same as the data entered when entering the parking lot (the default is manual recognition, and the automatic identification system can be added to complete the automatic recognition), and the brake lever is raised to allow the vehicle to pass.

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