Third round of mineral resources planning and preparation started

Third round of mineral resources planning and preparation started

The Ministry of Land and Resources recently issued the "Circular on Launching the Third Round of Mineral Resources Planning." With the consent of the State Council, China will initiate the preparation of the third round of mineral resource planning.

The "Notice" emphasized that it is necessary to fully understand the importance and urgency of carrying out the preparation of the third round of mineral resources planning. At present, mineral resources work is in a critical period. It is necessary to plan ahead, make overall arrangements, plan overall, comprehensively strengthen the exploration, development, protection, and rational use of mineral resources, actively promote international cooperation in mining industry, and increase resource support capabilities so as to fully build a well-off society. Society lays a solid foundation for resources. At the same time, vigorously promoting ecological civilization construction puts forward new requirements for changing resource development and utilization methods. It urgently needs to plan new policy systems and work platforms in accordance with requirements; comprehensive deepening of reforms clearly defines new directions for mineral resource planning and management, and planning must be based on reforms. Motivation, clarifying the boundary between the government and the market, transforming planning concepts, ideas and methods, stimulating market vitality, prospering the development of the mining industry, accelerating the transformation of the management methods for mineral resources, and making planning an important part of the country’s improvement of governance and governance capabilities in the field of mineral resources. The new position of the land and resources work puts forward new tasks for the planning, and it is the responsibility of the land and resources work in the overall economic and social development in the current and future period to fulfill due responsibility for the protection of land and resources, conservation of intensive use of land and resources, and dedication to safeguard the rights and interests of the people. To locate, we must innovate planning management measures and measures, and earnestly play a role in policy orientation and management.

The "Notice" put forward the ideas and principles for the preparation of the third round of the plan: to improve the ability of resource support as the goal, to change the way of resource utilization as the main line, and to take reform and innovation as the driving force, to insist on the development of equal emphasis on protection and protection, to increase revenue and reduce expenditure, and to save Priority should be given to overall arrangements for mineral resources exploration, development, protection, reserves, and international cooperation, and to effectively bring into play the macroscopical guidance of planning and supervision basis.

The "Notice" clarifies the priorities for mineral resources planning at the national, provincial and municipal levels. The national plan highlights strategic orientation and policy-based role, taking into consideration "two resources and two markets" as a whole, clarifying the global allocation path and measures for resource guarantee, formulating a strategic mineral resource list, and studying and putting forward a negative list of resource development according to law. The provincial planning emphasizes the overall coordination and guidance and constraint functions. It is necessary to refine and implement the goals and tasks of the national planning and reflect the regional characteristics; the direct basis of the prominent supervision and management of the city and county level planning, and ensure that the target indicators and tasks of the planning are implemented and the spatial layout is laid down. , exploration and development access conditions and management measures to fall.

The “Notice” requires that the basic work of planning and preparation be carried out in a solid manner, with emphasis on strengthening the evaluation of development and utilization status and situation analysis, comprehensive division and layout optimization, resource development and ecological civilization construction, differential management, and access conditions, and speeding up the planning database. Construction, improve technical specifications, and lay a solid foundation for planning.

The “Notice” also made clear requirements for planning progress and organizational guarantees: Before the end of July this year, provinces submitted planning preparation plans; by the end of July 2015, completed the preparation of provincial planning syllabus; before the end of June 2016, do a good job with the country Plan and match, complete provincial planning; before the end of December 2016, complete planning and approval of provincial and municipal planning at the county level. According to reports, the third round of mineral resources planning is based on 2015, the target year is 2020, and it is expected to reach 2025.

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