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Short cylindrical roller bearing matching qualification rate improvement method

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-04-24

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Short cylindrical roller bearing is a kind of bearing with high rotation precision, accurate cooperation and primary radial load; it is mainly used for the roller support of large precision machine tools and finishing equipment. In recent years, this type of bearing has become Luo Axis Group's large-scale bearing business unit produces and processes the leading products; the output value of production value accounts for about one-third of the business unit. However, the business unit has used the old production process and processing methods; The rate is low (only 60%); the huge amount of data and working hours are incurred; then the further progress of the economic benefits of the business unit is affected.
First, the selection of short cylindrical roller bearings are divided into single row, double column, four columns and other major categories; but careful study of its layout features have many things in common: straight races, welding retainers, etc. The challenges presented are also extremely similar; so the content of the optimization process will be very similar; therefore, the selection of the short-circular roller bearing "32672" type with the largest annual output value represents the optimization of the process layout experiment; and will be carried out to other types of bearing processing technology. Go in; in order to obtain more substantial economic benefits.
Second, the production and processing status and problems 1. The "32672" bearing inner and outer casings are made of Gcr15simn steel; the scale series is large; the heat treatment quenching process is difficult to control the shortening amount and deformation degree; often constitutes the oval after the quenching No grinding processing allowance; then inductive inner and outer casing raceway over-grinding.
2, "32672" bearing inner and outer casing raceway because of the quenching elliptical edge; the composition is not uniform; so the residual stress is not uniform; then the ferrule is ground and the raceway scale is not stable; it is difficult to control within the scope of the process rules. .
3, "32672" bearing inner and outer casing raceway initial grinding processing; because the machine tool equipment aging and other reasons constitute the grinding head spindle rotation precision is low; it constitutes the rough grinding after the raceway surface is large; inviting the final grinding after the raceway scale super difference.
4, the skills can not keep up with the harmonious operation. Because the above causes the "32672" raceway over-grinding; affects the installation clearance of the whole set of bearings; causes the clearance to be unqualified; constitutes the uncertainty of the middle of the bearing reversal; The middle path is too big or too. ū3 system 骺 行 木 木 毒 毒 娑ㄍ骋 娑ㄍ骋 娑ㄍ骋 叽缂 叽缂 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 672 672 672 672 672 The pass rate is only 60%; it also constitutes unnecessary ruin of installation man-hours, processing (drilling, welding), adherence time and materials.
Third, the improvement plan and methods are aligned with the above problems; the original processing technology of the "32672" bearing has been optimized and improved; the adopted skill methods include:
1. In order to avoid heat treatment quenching, there is no residue and deformation; active contact with the heat treatment plant; cooperation to control the deformation; and according to the heat treatment shortening data supplied by the plant; properly adjust the raceway retention. This ensures heat treatment after quenching, grinding Processing allowance fits the process requirements.
2. In order to avoid the unsteady scale after final grinding; additional tempering process is added on the basis of the original processing technology; in order to eliminate the processing stress; to ensure the stability of the raceway scale.
3, after the transformation, overhaul of machine tool equipment; improve the spindle rotation accuracy; and control the amount of feed and other measures to improve the surface finish of the raceway; to avoid over-running of the raceway.
4. After being in harmony with the production scheduling; on the premise of ensuring the progress of production; changing the process layout to the inner casing raceway which is greatly affected by the shortening amount; in the case of over-running of the inner raceway; Develop a corresponding method (the jacket can be properly undercut and change the middle diameter of the holder hole); to ensure the matching rate.
5, tightening the raceway to finish the public service belt; make its scale (a batch) unified in a small range; the difference between each other is small. This ensures that the qualification rate of the matching is further improved; saving a lot of time for the clearance.
The optimized grinding process was used to guide the production; the “32672” short cylindrical roller bearing has improved the matching rate from 60% to over 96%; it greatly reduces the repair rate; saves man-hours and data; reduces the production cost.

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