China's hardware lock industry brand quality and channel significance

In terms of development quality, hardware, including the lock industry, still has significant gaps in product quality grade, R&D design capability, independent brand and marketing channel construction, total factor productivity and international competitiveness. Luo Baihui, secretary general of the International Association of Mould & Hardware Plastics Industry Suppliers, pointed out that the annual output value of China's lock industry has reached more than 60 billion yuan, of which exports account for more than half of the total, and lock companies should continuously enhance their independent innovation capabilities and high-end manufacturing capabilities. Marketing ability and brand influence have pushed China to transform from a big lock manufacturing country to a manufacturing power.

According to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2012, China's lock industry has formed an annual output value of 60 billion yuan, and China is well-deserved as the world's first major lock-up country. In 2012, China's lock products were exported to 208 countries and regions, and the cumulative export volume reached US$5.229 billion. Small locks can produce 60 billion yuan, which is benefited from industrial transformation and upgrading, modern high-tech applications, corporate brand management and market demand growth. High-tech transformation of traditional industries has achieved remarkable results in the lock industry, and the Chinese lock industry has formed a coverage. It integrates machinery, electronics and biotechnology into a multi-disciplinary and multi-industry comprehensive industrial system with thousands of types. The average annual export growth rate of the lock industry reached 31%, which is twice the average growth rate of the hardware industry.

At present, China's most important lock production bases are concentrated in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong and other places. Products have evolved from padlocks to more than 8,000 varieties and specifications in more than 100 series in 20 categories; from traditional single-door locks and double-lobby door locks to spherical door locks, handle locks, ferrules Door locks, electronic locks, magnetic card locks, IC card locks, car locks, motorcycle locks, fingerprint locks, digital locks, etc., and expanded to the direction of mechatronics, intelligence, and the combination of functionality and decoration, basically formed High, medium and low grade matching product system.

With the rapid development of the residential industry and the automotive industry, the types of lock products have increased in recent years, and the grade and technology content have been increasing. For example, traffic locks such as car locks and special-purpose lock products are constantly innovating and changing with the development of upstream products; the application of electronic technology makes lock products no longer limited to mechanical structures, but is developed in the direction of electronic and intelligent use. The scope is rapidly developing from the original family lock to the intelligent management of the residential community.

In recent years, transformation and upgrading have changed the development mode and have become the consensus of the lock industry. The lock industry has emerged a large number of large enterprises with large scale and output value. At the same time of rapid development of scale, China's lock enterprises have begun to attach importance to their brand building and independent innovation, advanced equipment is widely used, high-tech enters the lock manufacturing process, and more high value-added, high-quality, high-performance products are also available. Some large lock companies have begun to enter the ranks of developing high-end smart locks, and began to compete with international giants to explore the high-end market.

With the rapid growth of the demand for locks in China, a large number of imported locks have entered the Chinese market in recent years, especially high-end products, such as high-end brands in the United States, Italy, France and other countries occupy a considerable domestic market share, domestic competition internationalization The pattern is becoming more apparent.

The future competitive landscape will still be the brand, quality and channels. Chinese locks must accelerate the growth and growth of the brand. Luo Baihui pointed out that from the current trend, the high-end locks market has great potential for development. Chinese lock companies must continuously enhance their independent innovation capabilities, high-end manufacturing capabilities, marketing capabilities and brand influence, enhance their sense of social responsibility, and produce high-quality locks in the world. Products have become world-respected companies and brands that are respected by the world, improving the influence and competitiveness of China's locks, and thus promoting China's transformation from a big lock manufacturing country to a manufacturing power.

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