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In the renovation, once the floor tile is laid, it will be difficult to reform it once again. With the right floor tile, you can add to your home. So, what tiles are good in the living room ? Today, Xiao Bian gives everyone a living room floor tile must-see Raiders, let you once in place, do not regret it. Come and see it.

What tiles are good in the living room?

What tiles should be placed in the living room, the owners can be based on the following conditions:

1 , price

First of all, from the price point of view, the difference between the price of wooden floor and ceramic tile is not as big as before, or even the same, which of course is mainly due to the emergence of reinforced composite wood flooring. Before, many wood floors were mainly wood floors. The price was very high. Expensive, but the tile is generally popular because of cheap and other reasons, but now, the appearance of the reinforced composite wood floor greatly reduces the price of wood floors, so people have begun to reconsider the use of wooden floors in the living room.

2 , take care of

One of the reasons why many consumers choose ceramic tiles is that tiles are well-managed. Even if there are dirt on them, it is very easy to remove. In fact, it is similar to reinforced composite wood floors, unlike the previous maintenance of solid wood flooring. Therefore, it is no longer afraid that because of the frequent arrival of guests in the living room, it is easy to damage the wooden floor or to abrade the surface of the wooden floor.

3 , security

Speaking of wooden floors, we cannot but mention the safety of wooden floors. The problem of formaldehyde in wooden floors has always been one of the issues we are most concerned about when buying wooden floors because it is directly related to our health. Many families give up buying wooden floors and buy tiles. However, there are more and more people understand this problem, and many departments are paying more and more attention, so some of the better businesses do not dare to care about this, many brands of wood flooring in environmental protection can still meet relatively high requirements of. As for the ceramic tile, although there is no problem with formaldehyde, it is not completely harmless. Many people will mention that in the case of ceramic tiles, in fact, radiation is also a hidden danger in inferior tiles. Therefore, from the comparison of wooden floors and ceramic tiles on the market today, as long as the quality can be selected when purchasing, whether it is a tile or a wood floor, it can guarantee a certain degree of safety.

It is suggested that when consumers decorate the living room, they must consider their own decoration style and economic conditions to choose the floor that suits them. Also, when choosing a laminate flooring, it is recommended that you do not choose three products without quality.

4 , the choice of color

For most people, the main living space in the home is the living room and dining room. For floor decoration, most people use tiles. Relatively speaking, the pollution in the living room is very small and the functional requirements of the tiles are not high, but the color of the tiles is the most important.

If stone or dark blue-gray floor tiles are used, the rooms will look more special, more modern and more natural. Elegant and noble cream and yellow-brown.

The floor designed in pale cream and yellow-brown tones looks elegant and noble. The soft and warm appearance of these two colors creates a special home atmosphere for the room. Tiles can be used to create endless changes in this area. If you use a step to break the sense of unity of the ground and then put on a beautiful chair with beautiful cushions and elegant columns, this background will create an ancient Rome style appearance. Plain tiles black and white.

Light-colored, white and grey tiles have always been the right choice for people who like simple, even monochromatic shapes and structures. The cool shades and distinctive features of these tiles further highlight the softness of the interior furnishings. Black can not only be used as a contrast, but it can actually express the unique charm of the design: breaking the unity of the ground through lines and geometric patterns, and at the same time creating a sense of structure on the ground. If you like, you can also use marble tiles with wood, rattan, or metal furniture to create a perfect contrast.

The above is a good introduction to the related tiles in the living room. I hope to help you. For more information on ceramic tile, please continue to pay attention to information on this site.

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