How much does the paint buy? How to calculate

How to control the amount of building materials in the decoration? In particular, the amount of paint, to buy less have to go to buy, trouble, buy more waste, then how to buy just right, Xiao Bian to teach you how to correctly calculate the amount of paint!

Paint is divided into three ways: spray paint, brush paint, roll paint

First, spray paint

Spray paint is the most used material, and the spray is thicker. If one barrel of 5 liters is sprayed, it can spray about 70 squares (again).

If the saleable area is 67 square meters, according to the calculation method, the total painting area is = 67 × 3 = 201 square. If the primer is sprayed again and the 5 liters of primer can be sprayed to about 70 square meters, then 3 buckets of primer are needed. enough.

The topcoat is usually sprayed twice, and the simple algorithm is the number of primers × 2 to get the number of topcoats.

If the saleable area is 67 square meters, 5-6 barrels will be required for the topcoat and 3 barrels for the primer.

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