Bathtub installation details are more critical daily maintenance and cleaning can not be less

With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people’s bathrooms have installed bath tubs and bathtubs. After that, how to install them is a problem. The following small series details how to install the bathtub, as well as daily maintenance, to understand together.

Bathtub placement: Freestanding and embedded

Bathtub installation, first of all, needs to understand that the bathtub is placed in the form. There are two types of stand-alone and embedded bathtubs. The shelving type places the bathtub directly on the floor of the bathroom. This method is convenient and easy to repair. It is suitable for use when the floor has been renovated. Embedded is to embed or partially embed the bathtub into the countertop. The embedded bathtub is easier and more convenient for access by the infirm.

Freestanding bathtub installation points

Free-standing bathtub installation is simple. The installation of water inlets and outlets is a key issue. Before the installation, you must first store or modify the bathtub outlet and other channels. Then place the bathtub on two wooden bars and connect the upper and lower water. Try to fill the bathtub with water and check if the water leaks. If there is no leakage, the wood strip can be taken out. Basic installation of the bathtub is complete.

Embedded bathtub installation points

Embedded bathtub installation focuses on waterproofing. The main steps are: After completing the tubing of the bathtub, in order to achieve the effect of waterproofing, it is necessary to fill the grooved parts with emphasis; it is best to detect whether there will be water leakage in one or two days; lay the ground in the normal order; use the foam brick pad Good embedded bathtub, height is generally within 60cm; note that 250x300mm normal size manhole is prepared at the location of the downpipe

Bathtub Built-in bathtub Freestanding bathtub

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