Apple Facebook is "falling" new energy cross-border is helpless or love?

In recent years, the phenomenon of abandoning wind and abandoning electricity has exposed the difficulties of China's new energy development. The policy changes have also affected the development of this industry. Although, the call for the development of new energy industry to return to the essence of the market is coming. The higher, but the same, the problems are more and more...

In recent years, the phenomenon of abandoning wind and abandoning electricity has exposed the difficulties of China's new energy development. The policy changes have also affected the development of this industry. Although, the call for the development of new energy industry to return to the essence of the market is increasingly High, but again, the problems faced are also increasing. After years of development, China has already possessed world-class technology in many fields such as photovoltaic, wind power and nuclear power, and has the world's leading power generation. However, it is necessary to see that other countries do not belong to this field. The company is also entering the new energy industry at a rapid rate.

According to news on November 5th, Faceboo (hereinafter referred to as Facebook) established a data center in Huntsville, Alabama, and plans to use the largest solar farms in Tennessee and Alabama.

On November 7, there was even more news that Apple and several suppliers jointly announced a fund launch plan. In the next four years, Apple and 10 suppliers will jointly invest nearly US$300 million in the China Clean Energy Fund.

In addition, Google has long been in the new energy industry. Over the past decade or so, Google has had several large-scale transactions with renewable energy producers, mainly to ensure its wind and solar power.

It is not difficult to see that the above three companies are the most powerful companies in the world. Why should they intervene in areas that were not originally theirs?

Foreign internet companies

Actively participate in the new energy industry

For the above-mentioned problems, analysts who do not want to be named told the Securities Daily reporter that according to his understanding, only one company in Google in 2015 consumed almost the same energy as the entire city of San Francisco, not to mention the other two companies. Huge, involved in the new energy industry, on the one hand, can solve the problem of electricity use green, on the other hand, it can solve part of the employment problem.

According to the previous November 5 news, Facebook's related statement shows that the First Solar project in Colport County, Alabama will provide 227 megawatts of electricity, and the NextEra project in Lincolnshire, Tennessee will provide 150 megabytes. Watt power. Facebook hopes that all data centers and offices will use renewable energy by 2020. The company said that the cooperation with the Tennessee Valley Authority will allow the company's local facilities to achieve this goal.

In Facebook's view, the company's actions in the acquisition of renewable energy companies are remarkable. Since the first purchase of renewable energy in 2013, the company has purchased more than 3 million kilowatts of new energy (including solar and wind) and purchased 2.5 million kilowatts of new energy in the past 12 months alone.

Compared with other large technology companies, although Facebook still has room to grow in the process of promoting renewable energy use, the special thing about the renewable energy transactions it acquires is that they are not just offsetting the deal (a company is in a remote location) Renewable energy is purchased in the region to offset the electricity they purchase in local markets that rely on traditional carbon-based fuel sources, and it creates employment, investment and a healthier environment for local communities.

In recent years, Google's cooperation with renewable energy companies has never stopped, and the company hopes to cooperate with large wind farms. For example, the 50,000-acre wind facility in Minco, Okla., supplies energy to Google's large data center in Pryor, Okla. Google bought a 12.5% ​​stake in the Turkana Lake wind power project in Kenya from Danish wind turbine manufacturer VestasWindSystems. In addition, NextEra Energy, which owns a wind farm, has about 115 wind farms in the US and Canada and also works with Google.

Google’s exploration of the new energy sector goes far beyond this. In 2007, Google proposed the idea of ​​a wave-powered mobile data center, which was unprecedented at the time. Although it is not a fantasy, it has also tried to capture geothermal energy or use large kites to capture high-speed wind in the stratosphere, but it has not achieved any results until now. But this still makes Google's data center proud of its energy efficiency.

As the world's most competitive high-tech company, Apple Energy LLC recently registered in Delaware, which means that Apple began a formal large-scale entry into renewable energy, directly selling excess renewable energy generated in its equipment to customers. In addition, it is also possible to enter the power grid settlement of the public grid. Apple has entered the energy industry, and this layout has been around for a long time. In China, in 2015 and 2016, Apple has established joint ventures with a number of Chinese-listed companies to launch a new energy business.

In terms of the type of business cooperation, Apple is entering new energy based on the core competitiveness of new technology, which is a model case for cross-border integration and competition. Through cross-border integration and competition, energy companies form a competitive relationship with new technology companies to achieve common business benefits. As previously co-operated by domestic new energy companies, cooperation with Apple is conducive to actively promoting its goal of building a green supply chain, helping to achieve direct sales of the company's green power, thereby enhancing the company's brand as a total wind power solution provider. The popularity and influence will enhance the availability of wind power and expand the market operation space of wind farms.

Entering the energy industry is also a natural development of Apple's business model. Apple has a large scale, a large number of assets, and a large amount of electricity consumption. It has always been a major consumer of electricity. Apple's companies have diversified power models, and building facilities (roofs, parking lots, and idle land) can install larger and lower-cost power systems. As long as the administrative license required for market freedom is relaxed, Apple can sell excess electricity to the professional power sector as a “prosumer” when purchasing electricity from the traditional sector. According to the established commercial contract, non-electrical enterprises such as Apple can sell the contract for part of the company's electricity consumption management rights, so that they can earn income by saving energy when the electricity price is high.

China's new energy efficiency

Urgent to improve

Greenpeace announced this year's "Clicking Clean" research report on January 10, 2017, which evaluates the renewable energy use and renewable energy policies of companies in the global IT sector. According to reports, Apple Google and Facebook are still among the best in terms of renewable energy performance, and they are proud of other IT companies with A's performance. Among other companies involved in the evaluation, Acer, Asus and other companies were rated as D-class.

In recent years, China's renewable energy construction has made a leap-forward development. Photovoltaic, wind power and hydropower installed capacity rank first in the world, becoming the world's largest energy-saving and renewable energy source, not only for China's energy-saving emission reduction and economic growth. Outstanding contributions have also had a major impact on global energy change. According to statistics, during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the installed capacity of hydropower, wind power and solar power in China increased by 1.4 times, 4 times and 168 times respectively, directly driving the proportion of non-fossil energy consumption by 2.6 percentage points.

In the past 40 years of reform and opening up, the state has fully guaranteed the system in the development of renewable energy. For example, the National Energy Administration has established the New Energy and Renewable Energy Division. At the same time, the state has also introduced a number of relevant laws and policies, including total targets, mandatory access to the Internet, classified subsidies, and special fund guarantees to ensure renewable energy consumption. The renewable energy industry has developed from a no-brainer to a comprehensive development pattern.

Although China's new energy industry has achieved tremendous development, some experts pointed out that “it has to be said that some people have long-term ambitions, but high-energy companies such as Apple, Google, and Facebook have already taken the lead in applying new energy. In contrast, China. High-energy enterprises still hold traditional energy for various reasons. The problem of accessing new energy has been debated for many years. The problem of abandoning wind and abandoning light is still unresolved. I hope that policy guidance can be multi-directional in the future. Enterprises that use new energy to lean, balance the contradiction between new energy and traditional energy, give greater guidance to some new energy companies, and have solved the problem of so-called overcapacity."

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