Use method and working principle of semi-automatic dispenser

The semi-automatic dispenser is relatively simple in the dispenser equipment, and is composed of a foot switch and a dispenser controller. The working principle is that the controller adjusts the air pressure and the time for setting the glue, and there is a foot switch to control the glue to break. Compared with the automatic dispensing machine, the degree of automation is not high, and it is not suitable for products with high dispensing accuracy. Let's take a look at how to use the semi-automatic dispenser!



  How to use semi-automatic dispenser


When using a semi-automatic dispenser, first put the rubber into the dispensing syringe and cover the piston; then assemble the dispensing syringe and the syringe adapter; one end of the syringe adapter is connected to the air output interface of the host; adjust Air pressure reducing valve, set the appropriate air pressure; set the time for dispensing glue; connect the foot switch or manual switch, press the switch; start dispensing glue.

The semi-automatic dispenser is assembled by manual dispensing valve (syringe), metal bracket, controller, foot switch, manual switch and other parts. The controller is the main body of this dispenser, and the dispenser model is relatively small Because the accessories are relatively small, the use of this semi-automatic dispenser will be relatively simple. Before the production of sealed relay dispensing, employees need to adjust the working parameters according to the actual requirements of the sealed relay dispensing. The controller in the semi-automatic dispenser has a power button, a test button, a barometer, a discharge time display, and a control vent, Only some parameters need to be set before use, and then manually hold the dispensing valve to align the parts where the relay needs to be sealed. It should be noted that the types of valves and needles must meet the actual requirements to ensure that the equipment normally completes the dispensing work.


   Working principle of semi-automatic dispenser


The semi-automatic dispenser mainly includes a compressed air source, a main compressed air line, a pair of compressed air lines, a glue gun and a timing controller. The main compressed air pipeline is provided with a pressure regulating valve, a pressure gauge and a three-way valve in sequence, and one end is connected to the compressed air source, and the other end is connected to the hose. The auxiliary compressed air pipeline connected to the compressed air source is provided with a gas regulating valve and a branch pipe in sequence, and communicates with the atmosphere, so that the pressure in the branch pipe is negative. In addition, the piston glue gun is driven by the air pressure and the precise control of the timing controller, so that the glue is extruded from the needle, and at the same time, the negative pressure produces a suction effect on the glue, so that the glue gun will not have residual drops.

The above is to introduce to friends about the use of semi-automatic dispenser and its working principle. Generally, the use of semi-automatic dispensers is relatively simple. This is mainly due to the fact that there are few dispensing accessories, and the operation will not be as troublesome as the automatic dispenser. But everyone should still understand the usage methods and techniques before use, which is still good for production work.

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