Dalan Motor summarizes the symptoms of the 9 bearings of the hydraulic oil pump motor that are about to fail. How many do you encounter?

For the long-term operation of hydraulic oil pump motors, the usual detection and tracking is particularly important. The detection items include the rotation sound, vibration, temperature, and lubricant status of the bearings. Today, the editor of Dalan Motor summarizes the 9 bearings that are about to fail Typical symptoms and countermeasures for everyone to learn.

(1) Dirt, foreign matter, sand or other pollutants enter the cabinet.

Countermeasure: Clean the bearing box and replace it with a new oil seal.

(2) Water, acid, paint or other corrosive substances enter the bearing housing.

Countermeasure: Install a protective dust cover and improve the oil seal.

(3) The inner hole of the bearing box is not round, distorted, and the support surface is uneven.

Countermeasures: Check the bearing box, adjust the support surface, adjust the gasket.

(4) The shaft diameter is small or the adapter sleeve is not locked.

Countermeasure: Check the shaft diameter, select the appropriate amount of fit, and re-lock the sleeve.

(5) Unbalanced load, large gap in the box hole, the outer ring slips in the box hole.

Countermeasure: Replace the bearing box that meets the design requirements for the aperture.

(6) Two or more bearings are coupled to produce linear deviation and angular deviation of the axis.

Countermeasure: Adjust the gasket again so that the axis is coupled on the same straight line.

(7) Improper installation, directly hit the bearing with a hammer.

Countermeasures: Standardize the installation of bearings.

(8) The bearing clearance is too large.

Countermeasure: Adjust bearing clearance.

(9) Equipment vibration.

Countermeasure: Identify the cause of vibration and deal with it accordingly.

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