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In the process of decorating the bathroom, many people are very worried about the choice of bathroom tiles. Since the bathroom environment is humid and the walls and floors are often humid, many aspects should be considered when choosing bathroom tiles. The size of the bathroom tiles is one of them. The following small series will tell you about the size of bathroom tiles and three points to buy bathroom tiles.


First, how to choose the right bathroom tile size

1. Wall tiles and floor tiles commonly used in bathrooms are mainly mosaic, vitrified tiles and glazed tiles. Glazed tiles are the most popular among consumers. The sizes of glazed tiles are 250 × 330mm, 300 × 300mm and 300 × 400mm, of which 300 × 300mm glazed tiles are suitable for use as bathroom tiles, and the size of wall tiles needs to be determined according to the size of the bathroom.

2. There is a unified standard for the size of bathroom floor tiles, which is mainly determined according to personal habits and the size of the toilet. If the bathroom space is relatively small, you can choose 300 * 300 size floor tiles. If the bathroom space is relatively large, you are pursuing For high-end decoration effect, you can choose the size of floor tiles 300 * 600 mm or 300 * 450 mm.


Second, the three main points of purchasing bathroom tiles

1. Under normal circumstances, the water absorption rate of high-quality ceramic tiles is very low, even if it encounters water, it will dry out quickly. If the water absorption rate is not marked on the tile, you can sprinkle water on the back of the tile. Non-absorbent tiles have low water absorption and good quality. On the contrary, the quality of this tile is very poor.


2. When choosing bathroom tiles, also observe whether there are pin holes or unevenness on the surface of the tiles from the side. At the same time, you can tap the tile surface gently with your hands. If the sound of the tiles is very crisp, it will show that the density of the tiles is very high. This kind of ceramic tile is very high quality. It is attached to the bathroom wall or floor, not only easy to clean, but also not easy to damage.

3. You can choose two different tiles with different colors or materials, and put them in the dry and wet areas of the bathroom respectively, so the dry and wet areas of the bathroom can be divided to achieve the separation of wet and dry, neither of these areas Mutual interference, this is also a common method of dry and wet separation of sanitary ware during use.

Summary series: The above are the relevant content about the size of bathroom tiles and the three main points of buying bathroom tiles. I believe everyone has a certain understanding of the choice of bathroom tiles. The toilets in general families are relatively small. I think that the smaller tiles will be more effective. Of course, I suggest you go to the physical store to see clearly!

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