South America Best Price Security Exterior Steel Iron Door (W-S-82)

Model NO.: W-S-82
Certification: ISO9001, SONCAP, CE
Surface Finishing: Finished
Special Function: Security
Position: Exterior
Standard Size: 2050*950/860/900*50/70mm
Opening Direction: Inside / Outside or Left /Right
DIY Designs: DIY Is Avaliable
Speical Function: Waterproof with Security Proof
Total Lock Points: More Then 15PCS Lock Points
Trademark: WINGA
Specification: SGS, CE
Origin: Zhejiang, China
HS Code: 730830000

South America Best Price Security Exterior Steel Iron Door (W-S-82)
South America Best Price Security Exterior Steel Iron Door (W-S-82)
Loading port:
Ningbo ,China   or    Shanghai ,China    or     CUSTOMIZED 
Payment terms:
30% T/T deposit in advance, the balance paid before loading , or  others we can discussed it after order  confirmed 
Production time:
12-15 days is our fast delivery time 
Doors' Main Features:
(1)  Doors' steel Material:  
  High quality cold-rolled steel steet with quality certificate factory 

(2)  Size MM (Wall to wall size):                                     
  2050*950/860/900mm   OR    2020*900/950mm    OR    2030*860/950/900mm        or  CUSTOMIZED 
  2050*1200/1500mm/1800mm    OR    2400mm*1200mm        or  CUSTOMIZED 

(3)  Door leaf thickness :
  50MM  /   70MM    /  80MM  / 90MM   /10MM          or  CUSTOMIZED 

(4)  Steel sheet of doorframe              thickness : 
  Our  quote range  from  1.0mm------2.0mm cold rolled steel sheet            or  CUSTOMIZED 
(5)  Steel sheet of doorleaf                 thickness :    Our  quote range  from  0.5mm------1.0mm cold rolled steel sheet             or  CUSTOMIZED 
(6)  Filling material inside door:   Honeycomb paper  or    fireproof  rockwool           or  CUSTOMIZED 
(7)  Main Lock sets :   Machinery lock         or    fingerprint code lock            or  CUSTOMIZED 
       Vice lock --customized:   Customer can add it FROM market need         or  CUSTOMIZED 
(8)  Threshold:  Stainless steel silver color    Or  Threshold color same as door color         or  CUSTOMIZED 
(9)  Luxury stainless steel                    Hinges:   50MM DOOR ------3PCS  INVISIBLE with 90 degree opening           or  CUSTOMIZED 
  70mm DOOR------4PCS   5screws INVISIBLE  with 90 degree opening          or  CUSTOMIZED 
  90mm DOOR------4PCS   VISIBLE hinges   open 180 degree of high quality         or  CUSTOMIZED 
(10) Other Accessories:     Handles, viewer, doorbell, rubber seal,  6PCS Installing bolts        or  CUSTOMIZED 
(11)  Opening direction:     Outside   Open:     left / right    ---------Outside decorative
Inside     Open :    left / right     ---------Outside decorative                                         Inside     Open :    left / right     ---------Inside decorative
       or  CUSTOMIZED 
Outside Open :    left / right    ---------Flat   frame                                              
Inside    Open:     left / right    ---------Flat   frame      
       or  CUSTOMIZED 
(12) Certificates:         ISO9001:2000,CE,SONCAP, FIREPROOF CERTIFICATE 
(13) OEM & ODM :        100%  Available
Loading quantity; Doorleaf thickness  size (mm) 40HQ about 20Ft about Remarks
50mm 2050*950 380-390Pcs 190-200Pcs CUSTOMIZED SIZE CHECK AGAIN
50mm 2050*860 390-400Pcs 200-210Pcs
70mm 2050*950 290-300Pcs 150-180Pcs
70mm 2050*860 310-320Pcs 160-180Pcs
90mm 2050*950 190-200Pcs 100-130Pcs
90mm 2050*860 200-210Pcs 130-150Pcs
South America Best Price Security Exterior Steel Iron Door (W-S-82)
Guard your home ,Win your life!


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